About Us

Delight Care and Support Services is an independently owned Healthcare company that aims to provide person-centered care and support to individuals in the comfort of their own homes so that they can continue to live independently and remain in control of their own lives.

Our Mission

Our services are designed for adults with learning disabilities, physical frailty or any other related illnesses that affects their ability to undertake their daily living activities. We believe it is important to come talk to you and the people who know you well before agreeing, together, what support you need so that we can provide the best care and support possible and also make you part of the Delight Care family. We feel accomplished when individuals have full, interesting and independent lifestyles; and we strive to provide a service that supports them to achieve this..

Our Values

Our services are provided in a non-discriminatory way and recognise the individual’s diversity by ensuring religious, cultural, racial and gender identities are respected. It is to offer a flexible, efficient and high-quality service which is tailored to meet each individual’s cultural and ethnic needs in the loving comfort of their own home.

Respect: We treat individuals with dignity and fairly; we are polite and we listen.

Communication: We share information openly and honestly in a timely manner.

Accountability: We work professionally and we are responsible for the decisions we make.

Collaborative Working: We work in partnership with other professionals to ensure the care that is delivered meets individuals’ needs appropriately.

Safety: We ensure a safe working environment and the safety of the individuals and carers is paramount.

Independence: We encourage individuals and their representatives to participate during assessments, reviews and care and support plans.